Words and Phrases in use, today

Researchers are still restoring and translating the ancient texts as they are found. More will be added in the future. These Melhicanisms/words are... that's it, they simply *are*


#472-- Your own kindness is the sharpest weapon others will ever use against you.

#134-- When nothing else remains, hope is the barrier that prevents us from moving on

#785-- Life is hard, deal with it or it will deal with you

#348-- (Only partially translated at this time)

#212-- Luck, good or bad, is a matter of perspective.

#947-- To love yourself by hatred of others is to love no one.

#419-- Paper is always strongest at the perforation.

#572-- Don't do it like you've never done it before. Do it like you're never going to get to do it again!

#002-- An optomist sees a water glass half full. A pessimist sees the same glass half empty. A Melhican sees four ounces of water in a glass.

Interview With A Melhi
Q: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
A: If you don't, someone else will.

Q: To be or not to be?
A: First one, then the other.

Q: Why does it always rain right after I wax my car?
A: Because you never check the forecast. Stop whining and be thankful it didn't rain BEFORE you waxed. The purpose of wax is to protect your car from the rain... duh!

Q:Is Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?
A: No.

Q: Did the universe really begin with a big bang?
A: No. With no one there to hear it, it made no sound, at all.

Q: Why do I hate my job?
A: Because it's work. If you liked it, they'd call it "fun" and charge you to do it!

Q: Hey, do you know what's really funny?
A: Yes. Would you like me to teach you, so you'll know, too?


Volunsteered: Everyone else took a step back

Strumble: What you do a lot of while learning guitar

DUHmmy: (Self explanatory)

Ragazine: Periodical publications of questionable or zero value.

Magnifry: What little kids like to do to ants on sunny days.

Neo-conomy: (Don't get me started!)

Bush-lite: Joe Leiberman

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