Evidence of a Mate
or is that hapless victim?

Heath, was minding his own business, fighting off space aliens single-handedly, when he first encountered Melhi where most people do... on The Monkees Mailing List, the day after his 27th birthday, in June, 1995. As a veteran warrior against bizarre creatures, he should have known better, but on Sept. 13, 1995, he could ignore her sirene song e-mails no longer. He made the first of several eight hour journies to her lair. His life was never the same, again.

The two agreed to meet early the morning of Sept. 14, 1995 on neutral territory. Their first meeting lasted a week, a week which lives on in legends which are said to pale in comparison to the actual events. The spell over Heath was so strong, that despite his exhaustion after his Melhi encounters, he never spent longer than two weeks away from her after that.

Finally, the Melhican magic was too strong, intoxicating the hapless Heath, deafening his ears to the pleas of family and friends.
In mid Feb. 1996, he left the safety of his Tennessee home and, after two years of constant exposure to the creature's hypnotic song, was lulled into a state of matrimony.
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