The ancient Melhican Language

Melhican researchers discovered these
poetry specimens from the late Melhican era
and translated them with their official Melhi
fan club decoder rings, not available in stores.

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If I believed in sin
I'd be punished

If I believed in hell
I'd catch fire

If I believed in god
I'd take my life

If I believed in me
I could believe in more.

...Melhi (c) 1996

I never

I never learned to hate you
Prejudge you or reject
Instead I just accept you
Give you my respect

It's not that I don't know these things
I'm good at them, you see
It's just that I was busy
Directing them at me.

...Melhi (c) 1996

Damn Me

Lash me down tight to your altar
Bleed me to die on it there
Burn me forever in anger
Bury me deep in despair

Condemn in the name of the saviour
Blind in the name of the sought
Judge in the name of acceptance
Hate in the name of the god

...Melhi (c) 1997


In time the bruises fade away
Leaving not a trace
Of anger he felt yesterday
For fears he could not face
Time will dry the tears I weep
The pain? I'll always feel
For though they may fade quickly
The bruises never heal.

...Melhi (c) 1993

Full Circle

There comes a time
Full circle
Weak and small again
Unlearning all
Which once was learned
Beginning, middle, end
Independence gone once more
Having to depend
Leaned upon, now leaning on
Mother, Daughter, Friend.

...Melhi (c) 1993

She Dances

Praising the One
Behind the Sun
She dances in the corn

And on the shore
The rising storm
Arrives in the name of the Son.

...Melhi (c) 1995


Precious items you adore
Tell me which you love
Me or them, a little more

I cannot be copied
Replaced or glued or taped
or stored away forever
In a safe or custom case

And when I'm gone,
I'm gone for good
You'll find no one, no ware
Exactly or quite like me

I'm not a thing
I can't compare.

...Melhi (c) 1995

Sea the Sky

The sky is but an open sea
By day its ships sail over me
And cast their shadows, one by one
While passing by the island sun

The lighthouse moon, its beacon bright
Guards the darkened sea by night
Starfish sprinkled here and there
Reflect the beacon's watchful glare

Horizons meet to form the shore
Where rainbows dock, securely moored
And waves of fog roll gently by
Across the shores of sea and sky.

...Melhi (c) 1993


Cast into this lonely cell, uncertain and unfree
The walls are too familiar, closing in on me

Shadows of the captors who have placed me here before
No longer line the corridor outside my iron door

My captor thus eludes me, I drop my head and see
My fingers clasping something...
Oh lord!
I hold the key.

...Melhi (c) 1996

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