Melhi caught on film


On February 4 and 5, 1994, Snapple Beverage Corporation, Kirshenbaum and Bond Ad Agency and HSI Productions travelled to IL to follow up on a letter written by an alleged Melhi.

Under the guise of shooting a national TV commercial for Snapple Beverages, they were able to capture a Melhi and two of her offspring on film.

This footage, titled: In Home Demo 94 aired nationally to a shocked and horrified audience, during commercial breaks, from July 94 through Sept 95. Despite having disappeared from regular airing, mysteriously, at the end of its run, clips from the footage continue to air as stock footage on news programs and talk shows.

Its most recent national airing was on the Rosie O Donnel show, when a clip was brought to the Rosie show by Director (and longtime idol of Melhi) Penny Marshall. (The shrill Melhican cry of "Oh my god, Penny Marshall knew I was alive for a whole five seconds!!!" is said to be echoing, still, in the upper stratosphere.)

Clips from the footage were also used as a promo spot for Entertainment Tonight's segment on Wendy the Snapple Lady, who appeared on film with Melhi.

Having gained the trust of the specimen, Snapple was able to lure her to New York twice. Once to the Snapple World Premiere and again a year later, to the Snapple Convention where, as a side-show attraction, the creature signed autographs, posed for publicity shots, submitted to interviews and judged the infamous Wendy-look-alike contest.

If you would like to see this footage aired again or would like to see Snapple capture a Melhi on film again, for further study, the federal government, despite its alleged Melhi cover-up conspiracy, cannot prevent you from contacting Snapple.

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All backgrounds, asciis, writing samples, artwork etc...created by Melhi
Photos (c) 1994 Snapple Beverages, used with permission.