Please follow me back to the lobby for your debriefing. No wait, that would be in the sauna. Never mind, I'll just say it here. Be sure to check out the web library. Flamingo, the librarian in the pink boa, can steer ]:o you toward many pages that should fulfill your every Monkee need (well, not EVERY Monkee need <eg>) and give you a chance to get to know some of us :)

For still more information, you can check out Hoo's assortment of FAQs, which come out at the beginning of each month-- we set our calendars by them, in fact.

If you really can't wait for the beginning of the month, give Hoo a hollar.  If she's not sitting at the mondo desk/computer workstation furiously updating the faqs, go to the filing cabinets.   No, not those! Silly, those are too small to hold a whole Hoo, the ones on the far wall, next to the Frodis plant. Just knock politely on drawer "H" (for "Hooloovoo" <duh>) and she'll let you in. (Psst! I hear the drawer is actually a hidden entrance to Hoo's rooms.)

And don't hesitate to send updates!

A dollar may not buy you much anymore, but if you're thrifty, you can exchange a blank E-mail for:

  1. The Newbie Guide
  2. Maggie's list of the latest Monkees tour dates
  3. Monkee List Rules

Miss or misplace a post or digest? No worries! Send a request to Torka the Cybrarian, and they will soon be winging their electronic way to your hard drive and your heart. (Be patient with her, she's very busy with her other Listerland duties.)

We don't have a lot of rules here, but there are a few and you'll see them posted on the door, over there ---------->

Breaking these rules will win you a nice little reminder note from ME, your hapless tourguide and asst. sysop on the list. Breaking them again will result in your not being a lister anymore.
  1. Limit your posts to three or fewer per day.
  2. Please don't post extremely long messages, keep 'em under 8K.
  3. No attachments, binary files or HTMLized mail.
  4. No on-list asking for or advertizing of dupes of material still available at retail.
  5. *do* cut and paste or paraphase a tiny part of an original post before replying
  6. *don't* copy over an entire 12 K post to say "LOL" in response
  7. No publishing posts on web or elsewhere w/o permission of the original author(s) of the text contained there-in, this includes archiving.
  8. No flaming or purposeful flame-baiting, avoid volatile topics on-list
  9. No posting of Micky's E-mail addy (his request) (Instant kick)
  10. No posting any of the guys' home address/phone # info (Instant kick)
  11. No sharing personal mail from other listers w/o their permission
  12. Personal problems with listers belong in private mail.
  13. No ALL-CAPS posts, scrolling posts or other irritating posts
  14. No spamming -- the list is not an appropriate place to forward *any* non-monkee content general interest message. (Internet tax issue, good times virus etc)
  15. Please preserve free speech by exercising your right to use the delete key - on your own posts as well as the posts of others. (Alert digesters to posts they may wish to skip)
  16. Please do not address your posts to the individual Monkees, they are not subscribers and will not see your message.
  17. Posts with no Monkees related content must be marked <nmc> or (nmc) at the beginning of the subject line.
  18. Have fun or else! <ggg>

Please click HERE for important information regarding our posting guidelines. (Don't worry, there's a link to bring you back to this page.)

This is a free-wheeling fun loving bunch of Monkees fans cum friends. It's a place for us to ditch harsher realities for a little while and just kick back...not terribly unlike a large virtual version of the Monkees television show. Feel free to join in our discussions or start discussions of your own. Occasionally, one of us oldbies will speak up with helpful facts/tips/advice to make your assimilation more <ahem> pleasant :)

Got a question? We love to make up answers!
Parody? I *Love* a good parody... and a bad parody even more!
Satire? How ironic you'd mention it, I love a good satire.
Gripe? Who doesn't?
Story? I'll bring the marshmallows and hot cocoa!
Wanna talk Monkees? Really?? Well <rolling eyes and smiling> if you insist. <gggg>

I hope you'll like it here as much as I. If not, look to the "Welcome to Monkees" messages you got when you subbed or E-mail one of us privately for the combination to the lock on the hidden exit (believe it or not, it's through the harp case!)

Thank you for joining me on the tour... please feel free to make yourselves at home.


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