and the source of that horrible noise

Peter Tork listens as James Lee Stanley plays the freshly autographed "Boheemuth"

Feel free to read through my daily exercises, which should explain why I have no feeling in the tips of my fingers. As far as my status goes, I suck at guitar. Hey, I'm a beginner and I choose to learn the slow way. I'm supposed to suck. I love chord theory and when I work hard, Dave (my evil guitar teacher) throws in a little of this to reward me. (That's not to say I'm an expert in chord theory... or even slightly knowledgeable, that will take YEARS!)

Peter Tork strums Boheemuth

My daily exercises:

Stretches across strings descending and ascending in Tab

Play tab on each string, descending and ascending

Repeat 4 times.

Fingers and pick across strings alternated descend/ascend in Tab

Play all 36 possible combinations of 1,2,3,4 tab (ex: 3,2,4,1)
Play first combination on all six strings descending,
Play second combination on all six strings, ascending.
Continue until all 36 are played, using alternated down-up picking.

Scale exercises

Intervals with accompanying numerical vocal

C Maj (Do-Re-Mi) scale asc/desc
1st-3rd-5th-7th asc/desc
2nd-4th-6th-8th asc/desc
Repeat 4 times. Use down/up picking.

Modal scales in G

G Ionian through 6 strings, asc/desc, 4/4 time
Repeat 8 times.

G dorian through 6 strings, asc/desc, 4/4 time
Repeat 8 times. Use down/up picking.

Endurance - Triplettes in Tab

Repeat 8 times

Repeat 8 times

Repeat 4 times

Repeat 4 times

Open Chords

4/4 time
C|G|D|A|E|F|Am|Dm|Em|C7|G7|D7|A7|E7|Am|C:|| x4

Barre Chords

(number in parenthesis indicates 5 or 6 string barre)

4/4 time
C(5)| G(6)| D(5)| A(6)| E(5)| B(6)|
F#(6)| C#(5)| G#(6)| D#(5)| Em(5)| Am(6)|
B7(6)| F#m(5)| Bm(6)| C#7(6)| D(6)| A7(6)|
Dm(5)| C(5)| F(6)| G7(6)| C7(5)| Am(6)|
A7(6)| A(6)| D(5)| D7(5)| D(5)| Dm(5)| A7(6)|
E7(5)| Am(6)| E7(5)| A(6):|| x2

My schedule and my hands don't always co-operate with making it though all of this each and every day. However, I try. I also have "spare time" song and listening assignments plus chord theory. Still think you wanna learn guitar?

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