and where you might spot one

The easiest way to spot a Melhi is with indelible ink

Melhi camouflages herself well.
You never know where she'll turn up.
She may be hiding on one of these pages:

Melhi Ink Cafepress store (my primary shop!)
Melhi Ink Printfection store
Melhi Ink Zazzle store
Melhi Ink ArtsNow store
Melhi Ink GreetingCardUniverse store
Melhi Ink Skreened store (all sweat free and made in the USA!)
Melhi Ink E-shirt store
Running a corporation
Practicing guitar
At her desk
On your TV
Monkees 101
Following you
Being an ass
Taking Up Space

Note: If you got here by clicking on one of the graphics on my MySpace, you'll find those and more Melhi orginal designs and slogans on tees and gifts in my Melhi Ink stores.

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All backgrounds, asciis, text, artwork etc... created and copyright Melhi