What the heck is a Melhi

And why should I care?

Answer: The jury's still out on both counts

Ah... that elusive and mythical creature known as Melhi.

Could it be real? Could it be a mass halucination on the part of many allegedly sane eyewitnesses? Could it be someone with a coupla meg to kill and absolutely no life? (I think we have a winner, folks!)

The following data was collected, by a small group of incredibly
geeky Melhican researchers, utilizing state of the art 18th
century technology. It should be noted that upon their return,
60% of the team learned their parents had left with no forwarding
address, 20% found their keys no longer fit the locks, 10% had the
family pooch sic-ed on them and one poor researcher, now homeless, found
that his parents had filled the basement with cement in his absence.

Name: Melhi
Age: No data available.

Hair: Blonde by choice, Brunette by cruel freak of nature
Eyes: "Mood eyes" (Change between varying shades of blue, green and grey)
Skin: Yes... and bones, too.

Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 114 lbs
Measurements: 36-24-33

Marital Status: Very happily married.
Parental Status: Four offspring, often referred to as little "Hon Yok"s

Race: Terra Mongrel


Melhi supports the following:

Freedom of Speech and Expression
Respect (as opposed to "tolerance")
Human rights (labor rights, gay rights, patient rights, racial rights, gender rights, etc.)
True Peace (if it exists)
Her own weight
That loveable old shopoholic: Uncle Sam.

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