Note: This was the newbie guide for The Monkees Mailing List as it existed under previous ownership. It remains webbed as a museum piece. If you are looking for current information about the list, please visit the Monkees 101 website . Thanks, Melhi (Owner of Monkees 101, The Monkees Mailing List and the Official Monkees FAQs.)

Melhi's World Famous Newbie Tour

Aka... The Ascii Tour of the Monkees Virtual Clubhouse

And in the naked light I saw ten thousand newbies maybe more....We seem to have filled the place!

your attention please.... YOUR ATTENTION PLEASEeeeEEEeeeAAeeeaAAaaa.
Oops sorry about the feed back.

Seems I didn't step back when everyone else did, which means I've been volunsteered into duty as your tour guide for the evening.

Welcome to the Monkees Mailing List. I see by the nervous tics you're experiencing that you've all narrowly survived the harrowing ride on Mystic's legendary magical mystery tour bus. Thank you, Mystic.

Don't worry, this isn't the last you'll see of Mystic on the tour. Now that she has your fear, I mean, trust, she'll be making sure none of you gets awa... er... lost.

You are welcome to take pictures on the tour, except in the sauna. This is a family list, after all.


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