Follow me into our clubhouse lounge, if you will.
Notice the complimentary Twinkies lavishly displayed in great abundance on the coffee table

... please have one

...or two

...or twelve! <eg>

Feel free to grab a bean bag or a chair



You'll notice that the TV is set to the Monkees Network, all Monkees all the time. Look, it's tuned to your favorite episode. The folks with the headphones are listening to Radio Alan's "Monkee Drive Time" radio program.

Oh btw, <innocent smile, evil eyes> the twinkies are free for the taking. Have one NOW!!!!

The fridge is kept stocked by Lt. Zan, leader of the Davy Brigade and master of the ancient art of saran. Go ahead, look inside!
Twinkies, Popsicles, Twinkies, Green Kool-ade (not Ade although she is pretty cool), Twinkies, Snapple, Twinkies, Kombie tea and Twinkies. You never know what other yummy things Zan will bring home from the store! Did I mention Twinkies?

Oh, I see some of you are admiring the original artwork decorating the walls. These masterpieces are on loan, courtesy of our very own Brenda, Tami and Micky (yes, THAT Micky!)

Pay no attention to the peeps also clinging to the walls, contrary to what they'd have you believe, they aren't as afraid of you as you are of them.

See the door at the end of the hall? That is our music room, where our lister band "Bandwidth 6" holds regular jam sessions -- if you listen closely, you can hear them... ahhh. Beautiful! <g>

There are our chief recording engineers, nuMichael & Richard <waving> -- guess they can't stop to chat; looks like another freshly mixed-down master tape is being readied for the duplicators!


All backgrounds, asciis, text, artwork etc... created by Melhi